This particular installment of Changing Landscapes began when Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) was invited to be a part of the Howlin’ Fling festival on the island, and thought, “I’d rather not do this alone.” Enter his pals in Arthur King, and the invitation ballooned into spending a week as artists-in-residence on the island through the festival host Lost Map Records. The days began with exploring, field recording, and generally absorbing as much of the island as they could reach by foot, bicycle, and the occasional hitchhike. Throughout, the group collected a vast amount of audio and video source material. Along with video and photography, Arthur King recorded the sounds of sheep, wind turbines, streams, waves, the local pub, rain, and wind. These efforts documented souvenir shops, ferry landings, local commentary, tourist banter, electrical transformers, birds, cows, and everything in between that you might hear if you spend a week on a remote Scottish island. These collected artifacts were then input into the  artists’ computers, to be sorted and edited for use in a live improvisational performance. The process was underway.